A new piece of the commemorative coin series inspired by the fairy tale of Brave Prince Nick

The Hungarian National Bank has timed the issue of a new commemorative coin in the collection of Hungarian folk tales to coincide with the Day of the Folktale on 30 September.
The reverse of the first commemorative non-ferrous metal coin in the series is inspired by the story of  The Tree That Reached to the Sky, while the next coin in the series features the characters of the episode Brave Prince Nick: the half-figure of the prince is surmounted by a portrait of a three-headed, fire-breathing dragon. Below the dragon, on the right side, the inscription "Brave Prince Nick" is written in two lines, in letters that evoke the main title. To the right of the figure of the prince, at the bottom, is the master mark of the designer, the craftsman Fanni Vékony, according to the website of the Hungarian National Bank.
On the obverse of the coin, a common motif appears on all the members of the series - the dove of the title and the folk art floral motif, together with the celestial bodies: sun, moon and stars.

Brave Prince Nick commemorative coin


The launch of the 7-element series was prompted by the fact that the entire series was included in the list of Hungarian national treasures, and the Kecskemét Cartoon Studio, which produced the series, celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Each year, the central bank plans to issue further commemorative coins as part of the series to coincide with the day of the folk tale.
The purpose of the coins is to present the values of Hungarian Folk Tales, which are very well illustrated by the justification for the declaration of the cartoon series as a "unique value": "The special visual, musical world and narrative of Hungarian folk tales make the cartoon series unique. The kindness, humour, cunning and mischievousness of the folk tales faithfully portray the soul, feelings and true character of our nation. In addition to all this, the episodes of the Hungarian Folk Tales cartoon series, which is widely acclaimed both within and beyond our borders, express eternal truths and fundamental values that make it worthy of being part of the Hungarikum Collection."
The coin, with a face value of HUF 2000, will be issued in a limited edition of 20,000 coins.

(source: mnb.hu)