The Seven Kids

Director HORVÁTH Mária ; VÁGÓ Sándor
tv-series ° 1989 ° 06 ' 50 " ° 35 mm ° Colour ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: MIKULÁS Ferenc Selector: KOVÁCS Ágnes Animator: VÁGÓ Sándor ; SZANDTNER Réka Dramaturge: SZENTISTVÁNYI Rita Production manager: VÉCSY Vera Sound: ZSEBÉNYI Béla Background painter: HORVÁTH Márta Highlighter-coloring: KISS Mária ; ZOBOKI Mariann ; SZÉCHENYI Istvánné Storyteller: SZABÓ Gyula Cameraman: PUGNER Edit Artist: CSINCSI Éva Expert: JANKOVICS Marcell Editor: VöLLER Ágnes Musician: Kaláka együttes

A goat had seven kids. Once the wolf watches as the old goat going away from home and he manages to get in the house fraudulently and he eats the kids. But the youngest kid hides from the wolf so he tells the mother goat what has happened. The goat looks for the full, peacefully sleeping wolf, cuts up his belly and sets her sons free. The stones placed in his belly pull the wolf in the stream where he drowns.