Starving Matthias

Director JANKOVICS Marcell ; HORVÁTH Mária
tv-series ° 1995 ° 06 ' 30 " ° 35 mm ° Colour ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: MIKULÁS Ferenc Selector: NAGY Ilona Animator: TARI József ; GANCHEV , Ivo ; DORIN , Stella Shooting supervisor: TÓTH László István Production manager: VÉCSY Vera Sound: NYERGES András Imre Background painter: HASZON Ákos Highlighter-coloring: GULYÁS KIS Ágnes ; KOVÁCS Aranka ; SZÉCHENYI Istvánné ; BANKOVICS Éva Storyteller: SZABÓ Gyula Cameraman: POLGÁR Éva Artist: CSEH Szilvia ; TIMBUSZ Béla ; RITTGASSER István Editor: HAP Magda Musician: Kaláka együttes

Once upon a time lived a man starving continually, he was Starving Matthias. In his great misery he nearly hanged himself when he met the devil. He managed to swindle a quintal of gold out of the devil. Later on the devils wanted to get back the gold but Starving Matthias outwitted them at all times. He starved never again. When he died the devils did not dare to receive him into the hell but St. Peter did not receive him into the heaven even. Since that time Starving Matthias has been sitting .