English titleYear of productionDirector
The Fairy From the Oak Tree2005Horváth Mária
The Seven Kids1989Horváth Mária, Vágó Sándor
The Bladder, the Straw and the Hot Coal1989Horváth Mária
The Soldier’s Luck1995Jankovics Marcell, Horváth Mária
Dyer’s Apprentice2002Horváth Mária
The Round Stone2002Horváth Mária
The Two Princes with Hair of Gold1979Haui József, Jankovics Marcell
The Two Old Friends1979Haui József, Jankovics Marcell
The Little Walnut1978Jankovics Marcell, Lisziák Elek
The King's Bred1990Horváth Mária, Király László