English titleYear of productionDirector
The Diligent Girl and the Lazy Girl1985Jankovics Marcell, Lőrincz László
The Gold Coin and the Hat1984Ujváry László
The Pin, the Dog, the Crayfish, the Egg and the Cockerel1984Jankovics Marcell, Madarász Zoltán
The Water Fairy2006Nagy Lajos
Abeles-Kobeles1984Jankovics Marcell, Hegyi Füstös László
Angel Lambs2002Horváth Mária
The Shepherd and the Snake1989Horváth Mária, Kertészné Hajdu Marianna
The Golden Calf2008Nagy Lajos
The Golden Lamb2002Horváth Mária, Nagy Lajos
The Giant Tree1979Haui József, Jankovics Marcell