The Water Fairy

Director NAGY Lajos
tv-series ° 2006 ° 08 ' 00 " ° Digi Beta ° Colour ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: MIKULÁS Ferenc Selector: NAGY Ilona Animator: BALAJTHY László ; GYAPAI Tamás ; LőRINCZ László ; NYÚL Zsuzsanna ; SZABÓ János Production manager: VÉCSY Vera Sound: NYERGES András Imre Background painter: MOLNÁR Péter Compositor: CSEH János Storyteller: SZABÓ Gyula Supervisor: PÓCS Eszter Artist: MÉSZÁROS Klára ; KőHALMI Enikő ; KOVÁCS Magda Expert: JANKOVICS Marcell IT employee: JÁVORKA Zsuzsanna ; GöNCZöL Gábor ; GULYÁS KIS Ágnes ; DEMETER Erzsébet ; BARTA Irén ; NAGY Éva ; SZABÓ Alexa ; CSITÁRI Tamás Musician: Kaláka együttes

The grown poor miller will be made rich by the fairy of water if the miller gives her that ”ardent animal” he has been unaware of it. But this ”ardent animal” is just their own child. They protect the child in vain. The fairy of water nevertheless abducts him then separates the miller from his wife as well. The wife, with the help of a mysterious old woman, track down them but the fairy of the water separates them again. As in every tale, they meet again at the end of the story – and they are…