The Hungarian Folk Tales Medal series now has three members

A favourite of generations, the Hungarian Folk Tales cartoon series has continued its uninterrupted conquest since 1977, with 15 October 2020, the date of the series' designation as a Hungarian Folk Tale, marking an important milestone. In honour of this event and to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Kecskemét Cartoon Studio, the Hungarian National Bank launched a series of commemorative Hungarian folk tales in 2021.

The commemorative coins will focus on the values of the cartoon series and will evoke, among other things, the distinctive visual world created by Marcell Jankovics, highlighting the values, symbols and folk motifs that permeate the folk tales. The series of coins is designed by the MNB in the spirit of the number seven, a number often used in the symbolic world of fairy tales. Its previous members have represented the fairy tales The Giant Tree and Brave Prince Nick.

This year, the MNB will issue a commemorative coin commemorating the iconic episode that launched the cartoon series, The Salt. The coin faithfully reflects the underlying conflict between the King and the Princess and its resolution, a loving reconciliation. The commemorative coin is a combination of two designs: the obverse by Fanni Vékony and the reverse by András Szilos, a metalworker and designer. The official release ceremony of the commemorative salt coin will again take place in the events of the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival.

"The stylized folk art floral motifs and dove design running along the left side and lower quarter of the obverse of the commemorative coin were inspired by the main title of the Hungarian folk tales cartoon series, which was inspired by the first lines of János Arany's "Rege a Csodaszarvasról": "The bird flies, branch to branch, / The song flies, mouth to mouth". The main title is also evoked by the distinctive writing on the strings with which the designer has chosen to depict the obligatory elements of the commemorative coin (the inscription "Hungary" and the value mark "3000 forint", the year of issue "2023" and the "BP." mintmark). The obverse focuses on the royal castle, from which the exiled princess and her dearest daughter have been driven away by paternal wrath, alluding to the basic conflict in the story of The Salt. The melancholy mood of the scene is enhanced by the lighting, which reflects the setting sun. Fanni Vékony, the artist who designed the front cover, has her signature on the left-hand edge of the front cover, above the central tulip motif.

The reverse of the coin depicts a scene of conflict resolution, with the reconciliation of the king and the princess, made possible by the prince in the background. The inscription The Salt, also in braid, provides context to the figures on the reverse. The left edge of the reverse also bears the master mark of the artist András Szilos, who designed the obverse.

„The Salt” commemorative coin




The commemorative non-ferrous metal coin, in line with the previous coins in the series, is made of an alloy of 75% copper, 4% nickel and 21% zinc. It weighs 16 grams, has a diameter of 34 mm, a finely milled edge and the twice repeated inscription "MAGYAR NÉPMESÉK RAJZFILMSOROZAT ●●●●" on the edge (“HUNGARIAN FOLKTALES CARTOON SERIES”). The mintage of the commemorative coin is again limited, with a maximum of 20,000 proof-like coins." - reads the website of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.