The Silken Meadow

Director NAGY Lajos
tv-series ° 2011 ° 08 ' 00 " ° Digi Beta ° Colour ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: NAGY Lajos Animator: CSÁNYI Sándor ; SZABÓ János ; NYÚL Zsuzsanna Production middleman: TURBUCZ Erika Production manager: VÉCSY Veronika Sound: NYERGES András Imre Background painter: MOLNÁR Péter Compositor: CSEH János Consultant: PAP Gábor Storyteller: SZABÓ Gyula Artist: KRISZTIÁN Gabi ; KORDÁS Erika ; KőHALMI Enikő ; RÉCZICZA Rita Expert: JANKOVICS Marcell IT employee: NAGY Éva ; JÁVORKA Zsuzsanna ; GöNCZöL Gábor Musician: Kaláka együttes

The old Red King is very sad, because he can’t help his friend, the Green King, who lives on the silk meadow, and the wicked witch sends her army on him by the thousands to destroy him. However, he has a heroic and handsome son, who with the help of a wonder horse and a magic sword takes off to defeat the witch – and to save the silk meadow.