The Frog, the Sausage and the Mouse

Director HORVÁTH Mária ; VÁGÓ Sándor
tv-series ° 1990 ° 06 ' 30 " ° 35 mm ° Colour ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: MIKULÁS Ferenc Selector: KOVÁCS Ágnes Animator: VÁGÓ Sándor ; SZANDTNER Réka Dramaturge: SZENTISTVÁNYI Rita Production manager: VÉCSY Vera Sound: ZSEBÉNYI Béla Background painter: HORVÁTH Márta Highlighter-coloring: ZIMAY Ágnes ; GöMöRY Dorottya Storyteller: SZABÓ Gyula Cameraman: POLGÁR Éva Artist: CSINCSI Éva Expert: JANKOVICS Marcell Editor: VöLLER Ágnes Musician: Kaláka együttes

The frog, the sausage and the mouse decided to be friends, to live together and to share the work to do. So they take turns at doing the housework. The sausage can cook best because he cooks himself into the soup. When the frog wants to imitate it, he scalds himself and since that time the toad exists. But their friendship broke up.